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It Takes A Vision To Leave A Legacy

 Succession Planning Seminar - Niagara Wheatfield

As the town of Niagara Wheatfield, located in Upstate New York, continues to face a consistent increase in population and land development, the town's vast and vibrant farmland and agriculture is at risk. The Town of Wheatfield Agriculture Focus Group, which works to preserve farming and agriculture in Wheatfield, concluded that a major component in Wheatfield's agricultural preservation is to ensure that current farm owners establish a succession plan for their farms. Studies how shown that a lack of family farm succession planning is a leading cause for failed ownership transition. By creating a proper succession plan, farmers are able to not only assure a smooth transition, but also help preserve the agricultural land.

In effort to raise awareness and share the importance of succession planning with the Niagara Wheatfield residents, the Town of Wheatfield Agriculture Focus Group held a Family Farm Succession Planning Seminar, presented by NextStage Legacy Advisors' Diann Andrews on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at the Wheatfield Community Center.